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Choate Pond, MedwayMA

The Marine Modelers of New England hold regattas at Choate Pond, Medway, MA

I think these directions are correct.

Choate Park
Route 109
Medway, MA
Swimming (beach), tennis, playground, ballfields, walking trail

It's right on route 109. Coming from Milford and Franklin, get on Main Street and stay on it. Go for about 3/4 mile and it will be on your left. Coming from Medfield and Millis, your on main street the whole way. Once you enter Medway you will pass a strip mall and then from there it will be about 1/2 mile on the right.

Photographs of Choate Pond:


PM hull with sheer strip

The PM hull below the waterline have been painted to better show the shape of the hull. The wooden strip at the top edge of the hull is a "sheer strip" and reinforces the edge while the hull is being finished.


1/24 scale Model of 35 Foot Maine Lobster Boat

To start a plug (aka mold, aka armature) is made from the hull lines of the boat. This one was made to have wooden ribs so there are alignment aides for placing the ribs around the plug. They will not be used for making a PM hull.

The plug is built on a platform that has screws and nails available to enable elastic bands to be strung accross the hull and hold "planking" inplace.
When finished the PM model will be like this wooden model built from the same plug. The difference will be in the hull materials. Instead of gluing wooden planks to ribs the hull will be made from Paper Mache -- layers of cardboard, heavy paper and tissue paper pulp.