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Hull stringers (aka rails)

Photograph by John Fisher

Start at the transom with the rails and stringers. Start one side and go forward to station 9 or 10, then do the same on the other side. Then go all the way to the front with one side. Starting both sides at the same time keep the transom from twisting.

Photograph by John Whiteford

Sailing Model, AMYA Star45 Class | framing up

Builder's notes:

The vertical part of the jig is installed once the stern section is assembled. These parts keep the shadows sq and vertical.

Adding of the stringers, rails and chine.
For the single chine version, there is only one pc of material for the chine instead of 2 as shown in the photo's.

Remember the 1/8X3/8 spruce for the chain plates. This needs to be installed before the rails go in.


Dave's R/C Friendship Sloop model Florida

Another of Dave Mainwaring's, Friendship Sloops:
R/C fiberglass, built in 1970